Our Story

PREDATORS LACROSSE based out of Westchester, New York is an elite lacrosse program to help the next generation of players discover and enjoy the game. The entire Predators Staff is incredibly grateful for the memories and opportunities lacrosse gave them, so they founded the Predators to emphasize player development, life lessons, and a love for the sport. The Predators strive to be the opposite of the all-too-common club lacrosse factory. Our founders work hard, and relish the opportunity to coach and develop our players. Our Staff  was blessed with great coaching growing up in Yorktown, and have replicated that model for their team.

Our Philosophy

Predators Lacrosse has quickly become the elite club program in Southern Westchester. Founded by three of the most decorated and respected players in Westchester lacrosse, the Predators take deep pride in providing a first-class experience unlike any other.

Our unique “Predator Way” starts at the top. Our coaches are incredibly grateful for the memories and opportunities lacrosse provided them, so they founded the Predators to help the next generation enjoy a similar experience. Unlike many programs which are designed to maximize the director’s profits, the Predators emphasize player development, life lessons and a love for the game. The Predators strive to be the opposite of the all too common club lacrosse factory. Our coaches work hard at their “day jobs” but relish the opportunity to coach and develop our players after work. Our staff was blessed with incredible coaching growing up in Yorktown and have replicated that model for the Predators.

The Predators founders happily volunteer countless extra hours (away from organized practices and tournaments) to provide individualized coaching, group stickwork sessions, mentoring and recruiting advice. Our staff takes special pride in identifying untapped potential and helping those young men become better players than they ever realized they could be. In just a short period of time, the Predators have developed a reputation amongst many top Division I coaches for providing a differentiated product and players extremely prepared to succeed at the next level. Having played at elite college programs, the coaching staff uses their extensive contacts in the college coaching community to help each AND every Predator find the best possible home. Our strategic alliances/deep networks with the top showcase and tournament directors helps us position our players and maximize their opportunities.

The Predators success begins with fostering a fun “team” atmosphere. Time and again, our experiences have proven that a successful program acts as a catalyst for individual recognition. The coaching staff prides itself on being the preeminent teachers of the game in the club lacrosse world. It’s not only our mission to improve the skills and game sense of every player, but we want to teach young men how to compete and achieve success while building mental toughness.

Our most powerful endorsements come from current and former Preds who have seen first-hand how unique our program is. Predators coaches are hand-picked to meet the founder’s high standards of 1) Being involved in coaching for the “right” reasons (kids come first) 2) Being effective and passionate communicators and 3) Being a very talented/successful player in their own right.

The relentless pursuit of excellence is and will always be the standard for Predators Lacrosse.

Pred Commits


Davis Allen- Notre Dame
Will Cabrera- Yale
Thomas Chai – UPenn
Ara Atayan- UNC
Matt McLoughlin- UNC
James Schwartz- Harvard
Brendan Forst- Harvard
Isaac Newland- High Point
Will Hynson – High Point
Ryan Kirkpatrick – Denison
JC Blum- CW Post
Matt McCleary – Endicott
Alex Miller – Skidmore
Jack Fitzgibbons – Harvard 


James Corsoniti- Fairfield
Dan Johnston – Marist
Tyler Mennitti – Siena
George Dunhill – Middlebury
Quinn Crowley- Hamilton
Michael Minard – Colby
Will Dodge – Colby
Ryan Maloney – Salisbury


Ethan Tym- Trinity
Ben Myers- Haveford
Ben Mautner – Colorado
Patrick Young- Siena
Jake Pasacreta – Tampa University
Max Popolizio – Nazareth
Bryce Caffery – Oneonta
Jake Baker – Trinity


Emmett Carrol – UPenn
Brendan Lavelle – UPenn
Malcolm Kleban – Denver
Chip Cameron – Colgate
Nate Davis – Dartmouth
Tim Murray – Hamilton
Tommy DeCaro – Union
Dane Crowley – Trinity
Michael Bennett – 
Jack Hanau – Denison 
Gray Warble – Colby

Liam McLane – Duke
Coulter Mackesy – Princeton
John Mitchell – Holy Cross
Spencer Norris – Air Force
Adam Norris – Air Force
Henry Sheehan – Holy Cross
Dom Trennert – Trinity
Conor Hufnagel – Hofstra University
Bill Sullivan – Binghamton University 
Peyton Doyle – Siena College
Max Nodiff – Hamilton
Justin Pearl – Hamilton
Ben Miller – Bates
Brendan Doller – SUNY Geneseo

Caden Whaling – UNC
Owen Guest – Army
Will O’Connor – Michigan
Brady Auker – Cornell
Owen Kovacs – Bucknell
Wells Faulstich – Air Force
John Hartzell – Colgate
Christian Gallaher – Notre Dame
Alex Martin – UPenn
Logan Mueller – Rutgers
Vito Debellis – Siena